Subject: Starter Motor

Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000
From: Gary Bevan

Just transplanted a Holden Barina motor onto my Cali3. The motor came from the Spanish built car with an Opel engine. As it spins in the opposite direction so it was a matter of grafting the motor onto the epicyclic box so the sprag clutch would operate. The polarity was changed by swapping the brushes. This required cutting a new slot in the end cover and sealing the old one. Used my original solenoid as it was easier to make the original electrical connections.
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The starter came from an early model and cost $150. New Model Wreckers, Smithfield NSW, (02) 9729 0900). They have a few on the shelf. The transplant took about an hour and the performance hasn't changed as it is the same motor spinning the other way. The motor is a Valeo D6RA

Gary Cali3

SUBJECT: Many bump starts!!!

FROM: Bob James (LMV)
DATE: 9/8/01

Q.The bike runs fine, it's just that it won't start. Charged the battery last night. Same thing again this morning. When you push the start button you get the audible "click" at both the solenoid and the starter unit. You can even feel it, if you press your hand on both units. Everything else works fine - lights,indicators,horn, etc.

To my way of thinking, the starter units might need an overhaul. I had this done way back in '92 or '93 so it must be > time to do it again. Last time it only cost me $200 + . Better than the $600 + for a new Bosch unit?!

From the symptoms, am I on the right track?

A. Hi Bob, I had this exact same problem a few months ago, it wasn't the starter motor just the relay switchy thingy on top of the starter. Took it to an Auto lectrician and he fixed it for $15.00. Just needed new contacts thingummy bobs.

Regards Squeak 1000SP ('79)

A. I had similar symptoms on my SP years ago - turned out to be corrosion building up on the brush plate, which is under the cover on the end of the starter motore (depends on type I guess..) In the end the, cure was to clean the brush plate right up, laquer it to prevent further corrosion and drill a wee hole in the bottom of the cover plate to allow condensationt o drip out. Problem solvered.

Wortha try. nigemkv

A. Sounds like the contacts on the end of the solenoid is/are dirty. All you need for this is a 'largish' soldering iron and a pair of pliers. Unsolder and remove the rear end of the solenoid to get in and clean the contacts/Cu bar. Piece of cake, the difficult part is removing the solenoid from/and the starter motor.

Ivan GD CooKe