PAJU CATTERY - Abyssinian, Balinese and Somalis - would like to bid you welcome to our little world and introduce you to our lovely feline companions.

PERZEENA CATTERY  - Siamese, Oriental and Persians - shares this site with more magnificent felines.

KEMPSEY KAT KLUB.  This is the site for our local cat club ... we hope to keep this site updated with club news.  We hope that our club's pages will be of interest.   Enjoy your visit .... 2005 Best In Show results are included - as well as our 2006 Judging Team.

We bid you welcome and hope you enjoy your visit to our little corner of the WWW.



Just click on the links below to go to each page and continue through the website to see everything by clicking on the links (Hover Buttons) on the bottom of each page.  This site has been rebuilt and hopefully will load quickly as I have not put as many graphics into this version.  Thank you - we would love to see you again ... and please sign our Guestbook so we know you've visited.  Thanks .... :)


PAJU'S HOME PAGE - an overall view of our cats and us, their obedient servants.

WALLY'S PAGE OF REMEMBRANCE - a lovely page in honour and in remembrance of a much loved and much missed feline friend - our beautiful Wally, a much loved and sadly missed tawny Somali neuter.

ABYSSINIANS AND SOMALIS - meet the sacred cats of the Pharaohs .. well, they think they still are worshipped as in the days of their ancestors!  Updated with show news and photos ... plus a link to Maxine's new blog (yep, she's the Mog with the Blog!) which is updated whenever "Mad Maxine" is able to do so.  :-)  It's on the bottom of the page ... she would love you to read her thoughts.  :D

BALINESE - the gentle "dancers" of the cat world .. meet our Balinese crew.  Updated with show news and photos .... they reckon they are "Bali Bagus"  :-)

DOMESTICS AND HOUSEHOLD PETS - what can I say?   Our lovable domestics and household pets - aka crossbreeds - but don't tell them that!

PERZEENA CATTERY'S SITE - Perzeena Cattery's home on the WWW ... Persians, Siamese and Oriental cats - all different, all delightful.

KEMPSEY KAT KLUB'S HOME PAGE - our local cat club holds their annual championship show in August each year, but we have had a change of date next year to 11 March, 2006.  This was our 15th event ... come and check us out!  :)  Information about the club; also pages showing who our 2005 judging team was, local breeders' information as well as show results after the event (2005 results are now here).

  The 2006 show schedule is now available ... more details on Kempsey Kat Klub's homepage.

  EVENTS PAGE - see what the Kempsey Kat Klub does for fun - also meeting information for the club is here too!

LYNX PAGE - links to cat related sites, feline friends' sites and other interesting things we have discovered on our cyber travels.  We also now have a guestbook for your thoughts and comments ... or just to say "G'day!"   :)  Another brand new addition to this page is a Google Search Bar ... to make it easier to find things on the WWW!

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