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Original logo by Toni Donnelly - Revamped logo by Maria Trott (click on logo to see Maria's site) - thank you, Maria!

KEMPSEY KAT KLUB had its beginnings on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia, in 1990 when several local cat lovers and breeders decided to form a club to show and promote pedigree cats.  They had contacted many experienced people in the NSW Cat Fancy with their questions on how to go about this exciting project and with the help, advice and assistance of these people, including ourselves (we didn't live in the area when the idea was first acted upon), the Klub was begun.

The inaugural meeting was held at Kempsey in October, 1990 with several intending members present.  The club's founder and inaugural secretary, Mrs Toni Donnelly, welcomed all new members and was thanked for her great efforts in beginning the new club.  Our very first Chairperson, Mr Chris Lindberg of Inverell, kindly drove over to Kempsey for the weekend and made sure all was as it should be on the occasion of our very first meeting.  Mr Lindberg has been a mainstay of the club ever since the beginning and his help and advice is very much appreciated. 

Our inaugural Committee was President:  Mrs Julie Fitzhenry - Secretary:  Mrs Toni Donnelly - Treasurer:  Mr Paul Fitzhenry.  Together they worked hard with others on the club committee to present the very first Kempsey Kat Klub show in August, 1991 which was hailed as a huge success.

After many fundraising events and much effort on the part of the hardworking members, the club was affiliated with the (then) RASCC and given a show date in December, 1991.  Unfortunately (for both cats and people) December is very hot and humid in Kempsey so the date was changed to August 1991, which is a much better time of year for all concerned - especially the longhaired breeds of cats like Persians and Birmans!  The show committee worked very hard for their first show and it was very successful - we have continued on in such vein as it is today.  The only difference is that now we hold 3 ring open style shows, which include Companion cats and kittens - in 1991 our show was a single ring closed style show, which did not include the Companion section.

Since 1991, we have had members come and go which happens in any organization; many different varieties of pedigree cats have joined the ranks; but the club membership has continued to grow, with many new ideas coming along with each new member.   We hold our Championship cat show every August in Kempsey, which has become one of the area's attractions for animal lovers and we strive to put on the very best show we possibly can.  The largest entry was 230 cats and kittens in 1998 - a fact of which we are very proud!

The show now incorporates "Companion/Household Pet" cats (those lovely pets without papers or pedigrees) which is a bonus for everyone as now anyone who owns a cat or kitten (companion/household pet cats/kittens must be desexed to be eligible to compete at all NSW CFA Inc cat shows) can have fun showing their lovely pets.  At our very first Companion show we had less than 17 entries by 2000 the entries totalled 30!  It is good to be able to show any kind of cat as each and every one of them is "Best In Show" material - pedigree or domestic - moggy or not.


To promote and improve the breeding of pedigree cats

To safeguard and encourage fair dealing in cats

To promote co-operation and mutual assistance between members in breeding and dealing in cats

To maintain a critical supervision of the official standard of points for pedigree cats, their statement, implications and interpretations by breeders and judges

To hold shows and exhibitions of cats and to support other clubs providing classes for cats

To undertake all such other activities as shall be for the benefit of all cats and to support all actions for the welfare of all cats


Our show date for 2005 was Saturday, 20 August, 2005 and the 15th Championship Show was held at the Kempsey Showground, Sea Street, West Kempsey  NSW.  Our Show was held at the same venue as 2004 and was once again an outstanding success with much support from exhibitors and the public!

As this was the very first year we have had an International Judge, Mrs Chris Lowe from New Zealand, we wish to thank Mrs Lowe for travelling to Australia to officiate for us.  It was wonderful to meet you and we are pleased that you had such a great time in our area.

MORE NEWS - our show date has been moved forward to Saturday, 11 March, 2006 ... which means we will be the first Allbreeds Show in NSW for the new year!!  We hope you, our exhibitors, will come along and support us as you have done in the past - for this we thank you all.

Show Schedules for 2006 are now available .... please contact us for a copy and we will post one to you as soon as possible .... we are also hoping to have some available at Federal Cat Club of Australasia Inc's Kitten Show (5 February, 2006) as well.  Our closing date is 11 February, 2006 - see you at Kempsey on Saturday, 11 March, 2006!! :)

Here are some photos taken at our 2004 show .... 

Mrs Pat Andrew (NSWCFA Inc)  judging Group 1 - with a brown tabby Maine Coon kitten.  Mrs Andrew also judged at our 2005 show.

Mr John Wilson (NSWCFA Inc) judging Companions & Household Pets - 2004.  The cat in question is Paul and Julie Fitzhenry's much loved CH CC Wogmog, who sadly left us in May, 2005.

.... and at our 2005 show .... a photo of the trophy table the night before!  Hard to believe that felines and their owners will be here in the morning!  :)

View of the hall - with trophy table in centre - on Friday night after we'd finished setting up.  Many thanks to all our sponsors for the terrific prizes we were able to offer once again.

Our 2005 President Lyn Thwaites (left) and our Klub's Patron Mrs Freda Szoke with Gd Ch CC Moon Shadow who was Best Companion/Household Pet Exhibit in Ring 1.  "Shadow" doesn't know it, but she made Freda a very, very happy lady last Saturday because she got to cuddle a much loved feline friend.


Ms Dorothy George from Casino with her beautiful Ragdoll (left) in the Group 1 section and Mr John Wilson with "Danny" (Satiny Delzao) (right) in the Group 2 section - Kempsey Kat Klub show 2005.  Both photos (c) Victoria Tremble, Macleay Argus 2005.  Thank you very much, Victoria, for allowing them to be on our site!

Mr Ray Tomlinson (NSWCFA) judging Sv Db Gd Ch Tybolee Raisa (Russian Blue Spay) - owned by Diane Elias - while an appreciative audience (including Diane) looks on.

Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to get more photos but we hope that these will show what our shows are like - happy and friendly affairs, where we hope everyone who attends has a great time!

For more information about KEMPSEY KAT KLUB, please contact the President or Club/Show Secretary.  If you would like to join us, please contact us by clicking on the links below.  Entries for our 2005 show were up on 2004 - we had a very good roll up on the day and were able to present many varieties of beautiful felines to the public.  Entries included Persian, Birman, Exotic, Siamese, Balinese, Foreign White, Oriental, a rare Longhaired Foreign White, British Shorthair, Abyssinian, Somali, Burmese, Bengal and many others - and of course, we can't forget our beautiful Companion and Household Pets!  We even had something extremely rare .. a lovely lilac tortoiseshell Burmese neuter (he's an ex-male .... !!!!!!!!!!!) cat, who did quite well on the day.

This site will be updated as different things concerning the Klub come to hand and our 2005 results are now up.  Show details will be available as they come to hand - judges, stewards and workers have reported that they had a great time in the beautiful Macleay Valley - which is great news for all concerned.  Our visitor from New Zealand, Mrs Chris Lowe, had a fantastic time over here and was delighted with her stay in our area.  We love to hear these reports .... :)

Photos of our 2005 show have been uploaded to the site, together with two from 2004 which we have kept.  Since the show, members wished to update the club's logo, which was originally designed by Toni Donnelly (our inaugural Club Secretary) and the result is on top of this page.  Thank you to Maria Trott of KEE Designs for the revamp!

To find out more about showing on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW - Australia's Holiday Coast - please email either of the contacts below, who will answer all your questions .......

President:  Mr John Wilson

Club/Show Secretary:  Mrs Julie Fitzhenry

Publicity/Sponsorship Officer:  Ms Carol Tate

Kempsey Kat Klub 2004


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