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Personal Information

My name is Mel, I am 31 years of age, married and a mother of two very active little boys. My eldest Blake, is 11 years old however sometimes thinks that he is 21. Jamie, my youngest is 7 years old.

We moved up here to Kallangur roughly nine months ago, after having lived down on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW. Approximately one month later, I got a job working part time at the local tavern.

My parents live up at Hervey Bay, they come down here to see the kids as often as they possibly can. Other times, we try to get up there.

Due to work commitments, I dont get much free time these days, however when I do, I like to be to just kick back, have the music going (matchbox twenty rules!!!), or get a few horror dvds out for the day. When I am really up to a challenge, I sometimes play around with PSP.

The ultimate job for me would be based around the formatting and re-installing of the software, (as boring as it sounds, i find it fun). The second option would be around web design. However, in the end as long as I have a computer, I am happy for hours.



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