Born: 15th August 1851
Died: 20th October 1915
Married: 8th July 1876
Born: 23rd June 1858
Died: 15th April 1948

Edwin was born in Cranbrook, Kent on 15th August 1851, the twelfth child and seventh son of William and Sarah Manwaring. He was the last born child in William and Sarah's family and was not quite six years old when he emigrated to Australia with the rest of his family.

He was born while his family was living at Golford Green just outside the township of Cranbrook and his father was working in the district as an agricultural labourer.

In March of 1857 he travelled to Southampton with his family and on 9th March boarded the "Anna Maria" to make the three month jouney to Australia. The journey would have been facinating, and possibly boring at times, for a young boy of Edwins age.

The "Anna Maria" arrived in Sydney on 25th June 1857, and being Government Immigrants the Manwaring Family would have been given food and shelter until they were able to find employment. Not long after their arrival they made the long overland journey to Bungendore where his father bought two blocks of land in Bungendore township where the family resided while his father and older brothers worked as farm labourers on properties in the surrounding district.

Edwin attended Bungendore Provisional School with his brother Alfred and sister Emily and grew into a young man living at Bungendore with his family.

Around the year 1874 when he was twenty three years old Edwin, and his family, moved from Bungendore to the Kyron District of New South Wales where the prospects of the family selecting land of their own were quite good.

When he arrived in the Kyron area Edwin lived with his mother and father and initially selected forty acres of land adjoining his father's property to the north, and his brother George's property to the south. Over the next few years he selected three additional portions of land which made his total land holdings one hundred and sixty acres.

At the time the Manwaring Family arrived in the Kyron district a great deal of land was owned or leased by a man called Thomas Broughton. He had a great deal of land in the "Muttama Run" and employed many people to carry out the work needed to manage such a huge parcel of land.

One of the families that were working for Broughton at this time were the William and Mary Haines who were employed as shepherds to look after the huge flocks of sheep that were grazing on the rich land of this district. The Haines Family were working on some of his land near the Manwaring Family, living in primitive conditions in a secluded hut south of RoseHill.


The Haines family were poor people and endured harsh living conditions and very hard labour in this rugged country. The land was only partly cleared with the majority still heavily timbered. Aboriginal Australians were present at the time but were friendly. They were left for long periods without seeing their employer who came to this part of the property only about every six months when he bought the family enough flour, sugar, tea and salt to last them to his next visit.

Edwin met and formed a relationship with Maria Haines, the daughter of William Haines and Mary Lyons. Maria was born in St Francis Shire, near Melbourne on the 23rd June 1858. Her father was working in the Victorian Goldfields but when the gold started to run out she travelled by horse and dray with her parents and older brother John to Temora.

The family stayed at Temora for a short time before moving to Muttama where her father gained employment as a shepherd on the "Broughton Run".

A son, Francis "Frank", was born to Edwin and Maria in April 1875 but they were not married until over twelve months later on 8th July 1876.They were married at Muttama with witnesses to the marriage being Frederick Augustus Broughton and Margaret Jane Tebbett.

Edwin built a mud hut for his family on his property and the couple worked their land in conjunction with Edwin's father and older brothers. Their second child Edwin was born on their property in June 1877 and their first daughter Emily three years later in June 1880.

In November 1881 Edwin sold 120 acres of his land to William Fitzgerald, the husband of his elder sister Ellen, who had property adjoining his own land to the east. This sale of land, for which he received sixty five pounds, left Edwin and his family with only forty acres of land and it is not known why he would have sold the majority of his land at this time. He is said to have sold the land for the price of a bullock cart.

Edwin held on to his remaining forty acres of land on which his family home was situated and for the next eleven years helped his father William, who was close to eighty years old at this time, work the "RoseHill" property to support his growing family.

Another six children were born on the property, Mary in 1883, Sarah in 1885, John in 1888, Charles in 1890, Walter in 1891 and Alice in 1892. Edwin and Maria's children attended RoseHill Provisional School. Their children Francis, Edwin and Emily were three of the pupils to attend the first day of the new school when it opened in October 1886, built on a section of land at "RoseHill" donated by Edwins father William.

In December 1890, Edwins mother died at the age of 83 and not long after in March 1891 Edwin sold his remaining forty acres of land to Alexander Armstrong for eighty pounds and his family moved into the old "RoseHill" homestead to care for his father who was 82 years old at the time.

Edwin and Maria lived at "RoseHill" and worked the property for another few years but around the year 1894 the family moved to the Harden / Nubba district of New South Wales for a few years but the reason for this move is not known. The school at RoseHill had closed in March 1993 and no education was available for the children of the area at this time. Maria never had any education and could not read or write so the desire for their children to have the best education available may have prompted this move to the more populated area near Harden.

Their last four children were born in the Harden area, Jessie in September 1895, born at Cunningham Creek, Minnie in January 1897, George in 1900 and their last child Leslie in May 1903.

Edwins father William died in March 1902 and in his will he left his property "RoseHill" in trust to Edwins three sons, John, Charles and Walter. He gave Edwin the option of leasing the property and stock at a yearly rental of one hundred pound until his three grandsons attained the age of thirty years at which time the property would transfer to them.

Edwin and his family returned to "RoseHill" shortly after his father's death and worked the property with the help of his sons for another twelve years until he died at the age of 64 on 20th October 1915. He is buried in the Church of Englan Cemetary at Cootamundra.

Maria lived at "RoseHill" with her children for many years after Edwin died. Her sons worked the property which, according to their grandfather's will, was transferred to them in 1922 when the youngest, Walter, turned thirty years of age.

In her latter years Maria met and formed a relationship with Harry Fulton who was working as a shearers cook at her brother-in-law George's property "Cranbrook". They soon married and the couple moved into Cootamundra where Maria lived for the rest of her life.

Maria died in 1948 at the age of 90 years.

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